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Imagine a bride that is so nice and easygoing she makes the process of your job just so enjoyable.  Then imagine two of them. Impossible? Not with these two amazing brides.

Meet the Jenn’s


They say that opposites attract and maybe that is to be said for the hair world too!  When looking at the styles they sent before the trial, both could not be further apart from one another.  Jen (pictured left) did not want a hair out of place, but something traditional and sleek. While Jenn (pictured right) opted for soft curls with a fun braid and wasn’t afraid to add some volume.

D7K_5669-2  The BB team and I had the pleasure of doing both brides and their wedding party’s hair + makeup for their beautiful June 4th wedding at the Oakeside Mansion.  They both were so fun to work with and had wedding parties equally as awesome as themselves.  Although their taste in hair may have been opposite..their love for one another was not! It was apparent that day that these two were a perfect fit.  I was honored to be a part of their big day and see the love between them at the ceremony.  Thank you for trusting in me for you wedding day beauty needs and making this one of the most memorable experiences I’ve ever had.



JessD60_9530D60_0940Caterer/Venue: Frungillo Caterers & The Mansion at Oakeside Bloomfield Cultural Center by Frungillo Caterers (especially Inez!)
Officiant:Dana Lawson
Photography: VeroLuce Photography
DJ/Photobooth: SG Productions
Flowers: Lille Syster


Being a part of Casey and Ed’s wedding was nothing short of spectacular.  I have known this bride for a greater part of my life and when asked to do it I was very excited.  When going to do the trial for Casey I felt an immediate relaxed vibe when welcomed into her mom’s house with open arms and then immediately offered food and something to drink..(you know that feel of a warm loving family..nothings better!).

I asked Casey to show me some inspiration for her weddding hair and she knew exactly how she wanted it, and wasn’t afraid to go big..a girl after my own heart! When the big day came just like the hair her wedding was BIG! It was located at MetLife Stadium, but if you’re a NY GIANTS fan then it will always be GIANTS stadium. As I watched these two get married you could see the love between them was clear.  Once the ceremony was over I stayed to do a hairstyle change for the night time into a fun “party pony”  Check out some of the pictures below to see Casey, her beautiful bridesmaids and amazing family.  All hair was done by myself, and BeYOUtiful Bride team member Jax.

Congrats Casey and Ed!






Hello Friends!

Welcome to my new Website! I am so excited that it is now up and running. (Pinch me is this real!)  This seemed like such a daunting task to me when I first started creating it.  I thought “I’m a creative I can handle this..Right?” WRONG! (Some things should just be left to the professionals) With the help of Kelly and Andra the beautiful minds behind With Grace and Gold my website is exactly how I had envisioned it and I couldn’t be more proud.

If you have navigated the site you may know a little bit about me, but here are 5 more things you should know:

  1. I am a mom to the most amazing little girl in the whole world. She’s 2 and I wish I could freeze time.
  2. This is a change of career for me.  I have my Bachelors degree in education from Montclair State University.
  3. My hair is always messy..and I like it that way!
  4. I work at Gift Salon and Spa in Woodland Park where I love to do color and cuts on my clients and soon to be brides. (Follow me on Instagram)
  5. I truly have the best family and friends that support and love me and make this dream possible. Big thanks to them all!

Enough about me- Let me tell you a little about what my goal will be during this totally new concept to me called blogging.   On my blog I will try to showcase all of the lovely BeYOUtiful Brides that I have recently done, and hope to bring a bit of inspiration to you for your wedding day look.  I will share my knowledge and tips for great hair on your wedding day, and any day after that! Any comments are welcome and questions are encouraged!

A big thank you is in order to all of my past BeYOUtiful Brides for letting me use your beautiful faces all over my new website and trusting me on the biggest day of your life! 🙂 I am truly grateful for all of you.

Thanks for stopping by today!


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