Dive into our immersive, small-group courses at Beyoutiful Bride. Tailored for both newcomers and pros, we offer the insights, techniques, and hands-on experience that will ignite your passion and set you on a path to industry excellence. We're blending expertise with excitement, and trust us, it's the kind of mix every beauty enthusiast wants in on.   All classes take place at our Salon in Cedar Grove, New Jersey.


EDUCATION that elevates your craft

Don't worry, we got you!  With our hands-on, in-person workshops you can touch, adjust, and perfect your techniques in real-time, receiving immediate feedback and guidance. You'll understand the weight, texture, and flow of hair in ways a screen can't convey. Our courses are designed to immerse you in genuine scenarios, ensuring that you don't just become proficient, but radiate genuine confidence with every style you craft. 

Do you ever experience that feeling of doubt as you approach a new client or the uneasiness of seeing a complex hairstyle request? 

Get Confident!

Halfway through styling, you realized you didn't have the right products to achieve the desired hold and shine. You improvised, but the result wasn't ideal.

You did a bridal party and saw the bridesmaids whispering while looking in the mirror afterwards, and you felt defeated

You styled a beautiful updo, but by the time the ceremony started, strands were falling out. You realized you needed more durable techniques for long events.

A client showed you a Pinterest photo of her dream bridal hairstyle. You tried to replicate it, but it didn't turn out as expected. The disappointment in her eyes was hard to forget.

A client requested a traditional hairstyle from her culture, and you weren't familiar with the intricacies. You wished you had broader knowledge to cater to diverse requests.

A younger client asked for a trendy bridal hairstyle you weren't familiar with. You felt out of touch and wished you were more updated with the latest bridal hair trends.

You had to style multiple bridesmaids in a short amount of time, and you felt rushed. The results were not up to your usual standards, and you wished you had faster techniques.

You styled a bride's hair, and she kept nervously adjusting it throughout the session, making you second-guess every move. By the end, you wished you had more techniques up your sleeve to reassure her.

We get it. 
We've been there!

Ever face one of these situations?

Here's what you can expect after our courses:












Are you looking to step up your bridal hair game, and be confident going into wedding season. This class will show three of our most popular styles and have you saying ah-ha to some of our favorite hair tricks. No more anxiety when a client shows you a reference photo because we will show you how to break down photos to make your life and style easy! This class demo's 3 looks with a hands on portion to choose a style to recreate. 6hr class


Bridal Bootcamp 

Not Anymore!

Learn Beyoutiful Brides signature glam waves. This is a small group class so you can get an in depth look on achieving that smooth polished Hollywood style. This class is demo and hands on. Model not provided.


Hollywood glam waves workshop

Learn how to get that "messy updo". This style is a crowd pleaser in weddings and getting that undone look polished can be tough to achieve. This class is demo and hands on.


MOre texture, please! workshop

For Beauty Pros!

In 2009 I quit my “safe” teaching job, determined to go to cosmetology school and start doing what I knew I was meant to do. Wishful thinking.. instead, I bartended for the next 4 years to really decide if this was the right move. So I enrolled in hair school, pregnant with my first daughter and knew that the best way to encourage her to follow her passion in life was to show her. I began to pursue my dream relentlessly, I got my license and graduated! In 2015, a week after Christmas Beyoutiful Bride became a reality. To date it has been the best gift I have ever given myself. 

What I value most about my decision is, I get to be a part of one of the biggest days in someone's life. I make personal connections and build lasting relationships with brides and other like artists. I am also able to show my daughters the importance of following your dreams and turning them into reality.  

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